A Healing Journey

By Louise St. Germain

She was calm lying on her mat after this yoga session, and pleased with her progress. Some positions were extremely difficult but now as the seventh session was ending, she was able to make her tortured body flow easily with the instructions. Her now limp body responded to the haunting flute music echoing around the high ceilinged room. Above the music the yogis’ voice also had a haunting quality to it as he chanted and commanded them to feel their bodies floating…”You are floating…. you are floating, higher and higher……you are floating higher and higher.” Over and over he chanted in his deep Indian accented voice. Flute and voice reverberated and echoed as through a dark tunnel. That rounded hollow sound urging them to allow their bodies to do that which she thought impossible. With each infliction of the word “floating”, she could feel her once tense body, melting even more and becoming one with the surreal meditation. Her body no longer felt contact with the deep blue mat beneath her. She was floating and floating, higher and higher in rhythm with his chant. She wanted his chant to go on forever as she floated out of her body and felt lighter than a feather. Amazing how totally connected she was to her mind, body and soul, all floating in sync to the haunting music and chanting which sounded as though it was melting into her and at the same time drifting off into the far distant horizon. She floated above everyone, right through the ceiling, the roof above the clouds and the sky. She even felt the soothing warmth of the autumn sun, as she sailed upward. She never wanted to come back to earth. She almost totally disconnected from the yogi masters voice but it quietly, slowly crept back into her consciousness. Reluctantly she allowed her body, mind and soul to gently drift back down to reality, eyes still closed and hanging onto the extraordinary experience. The chanting stopped. New directions were given. He continued in his slow deep sonorous voice, “now take yourself outside yourself and bless yourself. In your minds eye, your third eye in the middle of your forehead, look down on yourself. You deserve to be blessed. Now when you are ready slowly come back….slowly come back, he slowly drew out his words, elongating the thought, waiting for his students to return to earth.

Return she did along with her fellow classmates. What a fantastic experience! She did not want to come back to the reality of everyday humdrum living. She never knew she could get her mind to expand to such heights of meditation.

Driving home she mulled the experience over and over in her mind, totally unaware of her surroundings. It was as if she was operating on automatic pilot. She was changed. She was now awakened to a new plane in life, her spirituality. She always knew there was another life for her but now she was whole and able to change direction. New choices were on the horizon, new roads to explore. Her mind and soul and body were now one with the Devine Power that commanded the universe. She was strong, determined and above all protected. No harm could come to her unless she allowed it. She now also knew that at any time she had the power to float above the chaos. She understood her minds eye and soaked up all the power it bestowed on her.