Meditations on the Noise 9/12/2019

Meditations on “The Noise” By Mindy Pollack-Fusi Today, the day after 9-11, I opened the sliding glass door to my deck, high on a hill. Woods, homes, road, nature surrounded me. I smelled oregano-scented Monarda, or “Bee Balm,” enjoying its last days of summer. I set up two comfy-enough deck chairs facing one another and settled into one, my legs resting on the other. I pulled a light blanket over me. My dog jumped up and settled on the chair seat beside my legs. I made room for his sleek, compact body. My morning coffee consumed, I needed a moment before starting the busy day a head. I...

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Overview of this site, my College Application Essay Coach site, and my new novel coming soon…..

READ MY DEBUT NOVEL! THE NARCISSIST’S DAUGHTER: A MESHUGENAH LOVE STORY Welcome to my site! I used to write regularly for The Boston Globe and other publications, but now I focus primarily on coaching writing, mostly for rising seniors in high school. Please see my other website, for that service. In the meantime, enjoy some of my articles and newest blog. Go to my website to purchase my novel! “I couldn’t put this novel down! The opening grabbed me right away. I have enough Jewish friends that I understood the...

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