Telephone Miscommunication

By K.A. Picard

Hi, Mom. This is Jason.

Jason! How’s it going??

I’m really tired. Work has been hectic this week.

What? You got fired? Again? What did you do this time? Are you still leaving early and going in late?

No—not FIRED – I’m really TIRED.

Well, if you showed up on time — and worked a full day – you wouldn’t get fired!!

But I’ve been actually working TEN-HOUR days. That’s why I’m tired.

And they still fired you? Unbelievable. (Off-line) Dad, pick up the phone and talk to Jason.

So, your mother’s all upset. What did you tell her?

I just said that I was tired.

HIRED? Another new job? How many jobs does that make this year? Four? More?

No, Dad. I just told Mom I was TIRED. Do you want to get something to eat. I’m beat.

Who beat you up? Your boss? Is that why you got fired?

No, Dad. I didn’t get beat up. I asked if you wanted to get something to eat?


Because I’m tired and I need to eat.

Why should we go out to eat because you got fired?

(Sigh) Dad…put Mom back on.

Jason, why is your Dad so upset? He said you got beat up and then you got fired.

No, Mom, I asked Dad if the two of you wanted to get something to EAT. I wasn’t in a FIGHT! I didn’t get FIRED. I’m just TIRED and I want to get something to eat.

Oh! Well then, just pick us up!

Okay, I’ll be there in about 20 minutes. Over dinner we can talk about my promotion.

Oh, NO! You got a demotion.

Good grief!!! I’ll explain over dinner. See ya…