Great job!! Irwin and I are really pleased with how you treated the story!!

— Loey Mirsky, “My First Home” essay author


“Thank you for a most wonderful day. I was unaware to what extent my old insecurities were holding me back. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of over-accessorizing. But I felt so comfortable and brave in the company of those generous writers today.”

— Anne, Lexington, MA


“Something great happened to me in your creative writing class last night which I cannot quite put into words! It has been many years since I sat on the other side of the desk and was a student instead of the teacher. It was a powerful experience after so many years. I enjoyed the class and the challenges it presents and the tools you are providing with which to meet it.”

— Heather, Bedford, MA


“You have made this whole (college essay) process so much less stressful for all of us and we appreciate all you have done.”

— Concord mother


“You are very thorough and thoughtful with your edits. And you have definitely exposed my consistent patterns (like passive sentence structure vs active). Thanks so much.”

— Marilou Barsam, author,“The Evolution of Online Marketing and the Marketer’s Quest for ROI”


“Thanks so much for all your help!”

— Dr. Kathleen Trainor, author of the soon-to-be-published book, “When Your Child Gets Anxious.”


“I was talking about my book today and how you were such an important part of its creation. She said, ‘You found an angel’.” She went on to say that not many people these days will help someone fulfill their dream. I had to share this with you, as I have said this all along and wanted to prove I was right.”

— Judith Yarbrough, author of Friends Forever in My Heart, published by Place for Words Press.